Joining Our Union

There are two ways to become a Plasterer or Fireproofer with Local 66.

  1. Apprenticeship: We start new Plastering and Fireproofing apprentices daily. Click on our Apprenticeship link for more information.
  2. If you’ve been working in the industry as a Plasterer or Fireproofer, we need your help. The Plastering and Fireproofing industry in the San Francisco Bay Area is booming. We are always looking for Journey person Plasterer’s and Fireproofer’s with varying skill levels. If you’re not sure of your skill level, we will be happy to evaluate you and help you to achieve the skill level that’s right for you. Give us a call, isn’t it time you get paid fairly for the work that your already doing.
  3. Call us today at 510-632-0406